Homeopops, also known as Homeopsicles, celebrate the principles of homeopathy by delivering the same level of flavor as the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine. They come in a cornucopia of colors representing any flavor you can imagine. Yum!


corn chip








steak tartare




Torsten Pihl "Homeopops give me the satisfaction of finishing a delicious desert without making a mess of my lab coat."
--Torsten Pihl

Patient 9969418 "My cancer went into remission after licking a Homeopop so that must be why."
--Patient 9969418

Erik Harris"I was diagnosed with a severe case of restless nose syndrome (RNS), and my holistic wellness practitioner told me that if I have a Homeopop per day, I would be cured for as long as I continued the regimen. Ever since I started, her muscle tests have shown NO signs of RNS, so they're working! Thanks, Homeopops!"
--Erik Harris

"I'm a life long closet Popsicle addict that has always had problems gaining weight because of my addiction to those frozen treats. You can imagine my surprise to find I'm loosing weight after I switched to Homeopops exclusively, while consuming more than ever. Do you plan on putting out a bacon pop? Please do, yummy. I just know they would be big a hit! Your customer for life."

Dave W. "The synergism between the Homeopops and my Pyramid Hats is literally incredible!"
--Dave W.

"At first, I was not sure which end to lick. Turns out, both ends were equally powerful. This product is amazing!"
--John Ellis

David Gluck "At last! No more brain freeze thanks to Homeopops! I don't know how they did it, but it really works!"
--David Glück

"Tastes very mildly like wood so they really work!"
--Jussi Lahtinen


Is there a risk of overdose?
No, just a slim possibility of splinters.

Where can I buy Homeopsicles?
Homeopsicles are available at your local crafts store or Placebo Mart.

Hey, Homeopops are just colored wooden popsicle sticks.
Hey, homeopathic "medicine" is just water or inert pills.